Why the Right Realtor in Scottsdale AZ Makes a Difference

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Jennifer Wehner, Scottsdale and Phoenix Real Estate Broker

Finding the right realtor in Scottsdale AZ can make a real difference in your success or failure in finding the right home. With the right real estate agent, buyers and sellers alike have more leverage in being able to work a deal to their advantage. Enabling a client to do so requires a great deal of skill and experience on the part of the realtor, as each individual area in any given city will have characteristics that make negotiating deals challenging in their own ways.

Finding a Match

For any buyer or seller, the right realtor in Scottsdale AZ will not only be someone with experience, but will also be somebody that the client feels comfortable working with. This is one of the most important parts of choosing a realtor. Contrary to what some people may believe, this decision doesn’t have to do with honesty or lack thereof. The vast majority of realtors are honest with their clients. The issue really has to do with style.

A good realtor in Scottsdale AZ will be able to figure out how you go about doing things and make certain that the way they work on selling your house accommodates that. For example, if you’re the type of person who needs to get information almost constantly about the status of your sale, a contract you’re negotiating or some other aspect of selling your home – or buying a home – you will want a realtor in Scottsdale AZ that can accommodate that. If you’re the type of person who would rather hire a professional to do the job and just let them handle it on their own and report to you intermittently, you’ll want a realtor who is comfortable and experienced enough to work with little guidance.

Seeing Opportunities

The right realtor in Scottsdale AZ will also be able to see opportunities in the market that other realtors may miss. For example, it is entirely possible for one area of a city or a subdivision to be very hot in terms of people wanting to buy homes while the rest of the surrounding areas may not be faring so well. A good realtor will know the area they work in to a level of granularity that allows them to identify such potential opportunities.

As an example, if you were looking for a single family home in a given subdivision within Scottsdale where the prices were rather high, a good realtor in Scottsdale AZ may be able to inform you of homes that meet your goals that are located in a nearby subdivision that isn’t selling quite so well at the moment. This could mean lower prices, better leverage when negotiating with sellers and other advantages that can allow you to realize your goals for your home without making any compromises and simply because the realtor was aware that nearby homes may actually be better deals.

A good realtor in Scottsdale AZ will also have the digital resources that you need to make your home search much easier. The days when you had to drive around town looking at each individual home are long gone. Today, people generally search on the Internet first, narrow down the houses that they’re interested in and then contact a realtor. This can make it a lot easier and a lot more cost effective to look at a wide variety of different homes, which is particularly advantageous in a market where there is a large inventory to choose from.

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