Why Marketing Matters when selling your Phoenix home!


Last week I got into a debate with a fellow Realtor.

My question was: “Does marketing make a difference when selling your home? His answer: “Marketing makes little difference in whether or not the home sells, it is solely on price and location.” Now, although I do respect him as a colleague, I adamantly disagree with him on this topic. In my 10 years of Real Estate I have learned a lot about what it takes to sell a home.

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Actual MLS pitcure

As a Realtor, I have both flipped properties and worked with investors who also flip. I

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Another actual MLS Photo

can tell you that marketing absolutely matters! I DO NOT agree with my colleague’s opinion that a home will sell with a lone picture of a toilet on the local MLS.

I have seen some really bad attempts at marketing a home for sale, including million dollar homes. Seriously if you were going to sell your million dollar home, would you want more than one lone picture taken from Google Street view? There are some pretty pathetic attempts at marketing: photos taken with people lounging on the couch, pictures clearly taken from inside the car, even photos ripped off google street views!

I believe in marketing so seriously that I hired a team member specifically for the role of marketing!

Here are some examples how my marketing paid off:

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Want to take a PEAK INSIDE? HERE is the VIDEO Tour

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Tour this STUNNING Home HERE!

Professional Pictures: I can’t tell you how many times buyers have found my listings online because the professional pictures showcased the home exceptionally. I hire first-class photographers for professional, enhanced photos and videos. They take absolutely gorgeous shots, at the best angel, from the most outstanding vantage point, with premium equipment. Outstanding pictures DO make a difference.

Agent Tours: Many top producing agents that regularly participate in the open houses targeted for agents only, especially when you first launch the home to get as much exposure as possible. I recently had an Agent tour in a home which was beautiful and very unique and listed at $1,500,000. During that tour I heard 3 agents call their clients after being so impressed with the property. The home was sold quickly thereafter. Why? From persistent marketing efforts.

Video: Pictures can really showcase a home, but with the addition of a video home tour, you really understand the flow of the home. A video done right can do the trick! Utilizing my husband’s connection with the independent film industry, I hire professional videographers to do the right job. Google loves video, therefore buyers tend to find my videos online when searching. For one listing I had aggressively marketed on-line with a video, a buyer called. Although that particular home had just been sold, I directed them to a similar listing of mine which had excellent pictures to which they immediately investigated and ended up offering on.

Marketing: I invest top dollar for enhanced web accounts on all the major national real estate sites. This way, buyers can contact me directly. Buyer can also see unlimited photos of my listings, detailed descriptions, along with virtual tours and immediate contact information.

Open Houses: Open houses are a great marketing tool for exposure for your home. Although I have sold a home directly from an open house, it is fairly rare, but it definitely advertises your home and is another valuable advertising tool.

Jennifer Wehner Top 1% Producing Realtors in Scottsdale and Phoenix

Actual MLS Photograph of Home for Sale

Let me leave you with one final question: “ If you were searching online for a home,

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Another Horrible MLS Picture

what catches your attention? The homes with no pictures? The house with horrible, out-of-focus, blurry, dark pictures? No description? Or do the homes with a full description of the area, layout of the home, all the features, amenities, as well as phenomenal pictures and virtual tours that give you the feeling you are actually inside the home?”

I rest my case.

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