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Scottsdale golf homes can be majestic. If there’s one thing that Scottsdale can cite as its main claim to fame, it’s the significant number of golf courses in and around town. Of course, there’s much more on offer in Scottsdale than golf – the city has plenty of dining, shopping and recreation options. Plus, Phoenix and Mesa are close by as well. However, if you’re like the majority of new residents heading to town, golf plays a role in your decision to make the move. Thankfully, you’ll find plenty of Scottsdale golf homes on offer, but you need to know a few things before you ultimately choose a place to call home.

The Number of Amenities Offered

The quality of the course itself will certainly be a consideration to bear in mind when choosing amongst Scottsdale golf homes, but you shouldn’t overlook the other perks of living in a golf neighborhood. You’ll want to compare the various amenities offered with each prospective neighborhood and find out if the price you’ll pay is worth it. Some of the amenities to keep an eye out for include spa services, a community swimming pool, dining options near or even within the neighborhood, a clubhouse, the availability of pro lessons and whether there are homes located directly on the course.

Location Matters

Location, location, location – anyone who’s ever looked into real estate is familiar with the old saying. It matters in any type of real estate purchase, but doubly so when buying Scottsdale golf homes. The city has some of the most amazing vistas, and some of the most challenging courses in the world, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get both as a package deal with every golf neighborhood in town. You’ll also need to consider other elements, like how far the neighborhood is from central Scottsdale, how close Phoenix and Mesa are, whether you can easily access the recreation areas in the Sonoran Desert and much more, and that’s not to mention things like schools and the distance to your place of business. It takes time and a critical eye to ensure that you get the ideal location.

Neighborhood Size

You’ll find that the size of the neighborhood doesn’t necessarily match the size or quality of the course. Some of the smaller Scottsdale neighborhoods abut the most challenging courses. Smaller neighborhoods are also more intimate, and it’s easier to really get to know your neighbors. However, larger neighborhoods sometimes offer more in the way of amenities, or they might have a better location. As Nolo.com recommends, you’ll need to consider neighborhood size and exclusivity when choosing from the available Scottsdale golf homes.

Access to the Greens

Just because you’re looking at Scottsdale golf homes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be living right on the course. If you want immediate access to the greens from your home, you’ll need to narrow down your choices to those neighborhoods that offer homes in your price range and a configuration that suits your needs that back up to the greens. This can be tough to do on your own, and it’s much easier if you work with an experienced realtor who knows the area intimately, and is familiar with the higher quality golf neighborhoods in town. Speaking of working with a realtor when considering Scottsdale golf homes, it’s important that the realtor you choose does this as a full-time job, and that he or she is licensed. He or she should also be a member of national and state real estate associations, and have a reputation for developing deep relationships with each client they serve.

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