What To Expect From Scottsdale Realtors Who Represent Home Sellers

Jenifer Wehner - Scottsdale Realtor


Selling a house can really be a stressful experience especially if you don’t work with great Scottsdale realtors. Tasks like getting and keeping a house ready for showings as well as wondering when and if a house will sell are some of the stressful things which you will experience as you sell your house.

It is very important to pick the right realtor to sell your property. In the majority of Scottsdale communities, there are a myriad of Scottsdale realtors to select from. Each realtor has various personal traits, selling techniques, ways to market houses and skill levels. In most areas, there are some top-producing agents, average agents and bad agents.

So what should you expect from your Scottsdale realtors as you sell your house? If your house is presently listed by an agent and the things below are not practiced, unluckily your agent belongs to the bad agent group. In case you have not selected your realtor, make sure that you consider the following.


Telling the truth is quite a necessary trait that must be possessed by great Scottsdale realtors. Although it is not often possible to tell a person’s dishonesty, you can determine if an agent is not telling the truth through some ways. To know if the agent is honest, ask him at four contact information of their recent sellers. However, remember that previous seller should permit the agent to give such information. After having this information, start contacting these people to know about their experience with the agent.


Most home sellers assume that all Scottsdale realtors have this quality. However, this is not the case. So, what type of actions that show an agent has professionalism? One way to know if a realtor is professional is through their image. As you sell a house, an agent must be well-dressed and well-groomed. Realtors who wear v-neck tee-shirt, jeans and sneakers may be taken seriously by people in the real estate industry as well as potential home buyers.

Moreover, realtors who practice professionalism respect the time of others. It is quite frustrating for a realtor who coordinates private house viewings on various times just to have a potential buyer tends to show up twenty minutes late or never show up at all.

Strong Negotiation Skills

A real estate agent who represents a house seller has the job to get the most money for the seller in the least time. A realtor must know exactly what to say to the representative of the buyer and when to say it. The agent of a seller must not make a counter-offer from clients back to the representative of the buyer without a dialogue. In case like this, the agent of the seller will act as the seller`s voice.


Home selling is not as easy as placing a for sale sign in your front yard and waiting for interested buyers. Many realtors believe in the post and pray realtor work. Creativity is a significant trait that an agent must have when selling a house. Realtors must market homes creatively so they will get noticed by buyers. They need their creativity especially when it comes to using proper descriptions, writing advertisements and taking photos.

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