Value Range Pricing: Is It Right For Your Scottsdale Real Estate Property?

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As you start looking at the listing for Scottsdale real estate houses, you are likely to come across a kind of pricing structure that you have not seen before known as value range pricing. Rather than listing a house at a fixed price, you are likely to know that a home seller is listing his property through value range pricing which indicates that offers are entertained between a high and low number.

Value range pricing is an option is an alternative approach to house sales which may be nothing more than a gimmick. A lot of Scottsdale real estate agents do not like this pricing technique due to the deception it tends to form with buyers. But using this strategy comes with both pros and cons. Judge this technique by reading the insights below.

Marketing Properties with Value Range Pricing

A number of realtors consider this method a powerful took to sell while others regard it as underhanded. But, depending upon your situation, this could be useful to sell your house. For instance, your house is worth $400,000. When you choose to use value range pricing, you probably would list your house as $375,000 to $425,000. Every situation would have a slight difference; however, a lot of value range priced houses tend to look much like this. With such kind of listing, you tell buyers you would wish to sell your house for somewhere in that given range. The main benefit to this kind of approach is it can bring property buyers and sellers together which otherwise would not meet.

The value range pricing method offers you more room for negotiation and more opportunities for possible buyers to see and consider your house. But this method requires a hard look at what you can accept for your house.

Using Value Range Pricing

Think of a Scottsdale real estate property buyer seeing a house listed for a certain price just to discover the seller cannot accept the price. That is why when you use value range pricing, spend time thinking it through. For buyers, it is quite discouraging to see the price displayed from a multiple listing service at the range’s low end and not the price the house seller wants to accept.

A lot of multiple listing services allow an approach by which a property buyer knows there is value range pricing. Buyers will be able to know by reading the comment field they usually just skip.

Price your House Correctly

In general, with value range pricing, you begin at a range of around 5% above and below the estimated value of your house. Just because you are marketing a house through a certain pricing technique does not mean it lets you overprice your house. Overpricing your house no matter you use the value range pricing or not, you cannot expect a sale.

Talk to your realtor whether the selling method is right for your house and work with the agent to identify your pricing’s criteria. Do not forget to establish fair rules that you can go by if you start getting offers. You are not obliged to accept an unfair offer.

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