Tops Secrets To Staging Your Scottsdale House



In a tough property market, it is important for sellers of Scottsdale houses to have the competitive edge. House staging is an excellent way to make your house look to its best advantage.

Home staging is about making an appeal to a wide range of property buyers. It is about making an image of a lifestyle buyers cannot resist. They should end up imagining themselves staying in your house. The process does not require a huge budget either. But, if you have money to make your property a showpiece, then go for it. Generally, successful home staging means keeping an eye on the details. The following are some home staging secrets which can help your house sell.


Clutter is a very distracting aspect of a home show. Rather than concentrating on your room’s unique architectural details, buyers will focus on your trash and trinkets. There is no need for you to toss your decor. You just have to put it away for the show.


Big, oversized furniture can make a room look small than it is. In fact, small furniture in a big room will also look disproportionate.

Rooms True to Purpose

Perhaps your dining room is set up as a home office or a second room as a craft room. However, buyers of Scottsdale houses need to see houses that are true to their purpose. Expect them to wish to see the formal dining room which was advertised on the multiple listing service. They wish to see two bedrooms instead of a craft room.

Proper Lighting

Great lighting makes everything appear better. CFL lights in daylight color will make a room look bright and light even in the night. Make sure that every room is well lit including the closets, garages and laundry rooms.


The majority of buyers of Scottsdale houses are not interested in fixer-uppers. They wish to buy well-maintained houses. You can spend some money for fixing broken doors, windows or drawers. Home buyers will notice each loose trim piece and board. Fix if before starting to show your house to possible buyers.

Keep It Neutral

Imagining putting your make on a neutral room is easier than imagining yourself in someone else’s Moroccan place. Paint is not expensive. Just play it safe and choose neutral tones.

Fresh Flowers

This is about things that smell clean and fresh. Flowers provide more life and fragrance to rooms.

Thorough Cleaning

You have to clean from top to bottom. Basically, make sure the laundry and dishes are done. Cleaning your house deeply include removing stains, cleaning carpets and scrubbing bathrooms.

Staged Dining Areas

Rooms can surely pop by setting a formal setting for that place. Also, outdoor dining spaces appear great when set with chargers, placemats as well as proper glasses and plates.

Hotel-Inspired Bedrooms

Know that boutique hotels are great in making bedrooms feel luxurious. If you wish to do the same, think about updating your bedding and use the pillows liberally.

Home staging can make your house stand out from the rest of homes in the market. This is likely to mean the difference between not in the tough property market and selling.

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