The Biggest Mistake People Make when They Buy Arizona Homes


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Do you have the BEST Realtor? 

Not having the right realtor working for you increases the chances that you’ll end up overcome with remorse. For those who decide to buy a home in Arizona, there are circumstances involved that are not immediately apparent to the unprofessional eye. Like real estate markets anywhere, there are hazards that you’ll want to shun and there are seemingly good deals that, in reality, are nothing but.

There are many potential risks that can lead to a Big Mistake if you don’t have an exceptional real estate broker. If you’re one of the many people who want to buy an Arizona home for second residence, primary home or investment, you must make sure that you’re working with a professional that is up to the task of making your efforts profitable, with zero mistakes.

Consider the following:

•             Some neighborhoods might not increase in property values

•             Areas that appear good may not actually be choice place to live

•             The uneducated inspector could give you unreliable information

•             Some properties may have been built by a contractor with a controversial reputation

•             You might be impressed at what seems like a good deal but miss a chance to negotiate a valuable property down in price

How the Right Realtor Helps  

Jennifer Wehner, #1 Top Producing Scottsdale Real Estate Agent

Jennifer Wehner, #1 Top Producing Scottsdale Real Estate Agent

Most of the people who buy a home in Arizona come to a realtor seeking advice. There are basically two types of real estate agents that people will find. The mistake you want to avoid is a realtor who will be the type who claims to know everything about the market and experienced on home values, neighborhoods and so forth. Choosing these types of realtors could end up in an ineffective and a time wasting venture which would equate into a big mistake. The other type of realtor that people may run into—if they’re lucky—are those realtors who not only have extensive knowledge of their market, but who also consistently keeps  up to date with market conditions.

Jen Wehner is a Top Producing Scottsdale Realtor who has been a Real Estate Agent for over 10 years.  Jen constantly keeps updated on all aspects of the housing market in Arizona.  Jennifer has been a multi-million dollar producer each year for a decade!

Jennifer Wehner will give you up-to-date  comparative market analyses for the Phoenix housing trends.  This CMA lets you know if properties that are located nearby are similar to the properties in which you’re interested in.  The CMA that Jen investigates will show how the surrounding properties  have performed as far as growing or shrinking in value. Jen will work with inspectors to make sure that, when you get an appraisal of a property, the data is accurate, current and useful – with no mistakes.

Jen Wehner will also do extensive research in regards to presenting you with all the options available.  Jennifer has not become this successful to just sell you anything, but relies on a long-standing partnership which includes hundreds of referrals and repeat clients.  Jen works with you to discover something in your price range that is in line with what you want. Jen will help you to find alternatives when the homes you’re interested in are out of your price range and she will scrutinize alternate homes for what you want and at an attractive price point.

Working with the right Realtor is vital.

Jen Wehner is the right choice who totally understands the property values here in Arizona.  Jen knows how to get you in the perfect home and ensures this by putting in the effort needed on behalf of her clients.  Jennifer has the experience you need, the information and the knowledge to guide you into buying the perfect home suited just for you!.

Jen Wehner is a top producing Real Estate Broker specializing in homes and properties in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree, Fountain Hills, Surprise and other surrounding cities in Arizona. 

Jen would be thrilled to talk to you and answer all the questions you have pertaining to today’s Housing Market.  480-748-6925

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