Tatum Ranch Golf Homes in Cave Creek Arizona are a Golfers Paradise

Tatum Ranch Realtor-Jen Wehner

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If you’re talking about Scottsdale luxury homes then you have to bring up the Tatum Ranch golf homes located in Cave Creek, Arizona.  This luxury community offers 3,400 homes and plenty of niceties for its residents.  Residents can always look upward to those lovely Arizona skies, with the nearby Sonoran Desert juxtaposed with calming sunsets.  The elevation in this area of land is 1,800 feet, and that, together with its closeness to the New River Mountains, ensures this area of land is almost ten degrees cooler than Sky Harbor on average.


What to Look Forward to in Tatum Ranch Golf Homes


Set amid “Desert Paradise”, and close to Black Mountain and acres of vegetation, it’s a living area that has to be experienced to be believed.  Indeed, residents can wake up every morning to a beautiful sun-lit scene.  This big name in luxury Scottsdale real estate was an invention of the 1980s and was created by the SunCor Development Company in 1988.  This gated community is owned by the community’s homeowners and is a safe area, one close by schools, parks, retail areas, and of course, a fantastic Tatum Ranch golf course.  Most homes in the area are single family units, but there are no age restrictions.


The amenities of Tatum Ranch are difficult to overlook.  We’re talking about a golf course community, one with a swimming pools, fitness and massage centers and clubhouse activities.  The fitness center has high quality equipment like Cybex machines, stationary bikes, treadmills and even kettlebells.  There are fitness and nutrition coaches on-site who give personal training sessions to groups and individuals.


Amenities You Can’t Ignore


North Scottsdale golf homes in this area also have dining provisions including the best quality seafood and catering for parties and weddings (which the resort will host).  Homeowners can look in Tatum Ranch for golf properties, condos, pool homes and mountain scenery homes for affordable prices.  Vistas and homes in the vicinity usually have furnished interiors including gourmet kitchens, private balconies, quiet washer and dryers, security systems, designer lighting fixtures and auto garage doors.  Being a community full of nature lovers, Scottsdale homes in the area also have eco-friendly construction and maintenance.  Some of these eco homes include programmable thermostats, dual-pane solar panels and “low-emittance” windows.  Another common trend in Tatum Ranch is that of customizable condos, where you can tailor make homes to your specifications.


There are even homes to rent in the area, although most homeowners can’t resist the notion of buying their dream house right away!  What about you?  Have you ever pondered living in a high-end, luxury lifestyle community?  Tatum Ranch is one of the best North Scottsdale real estate areas for investment and for living.  The community in Tatum Ranch is welcoming, sociable, and accustomed to the most comfortable of lifestyles.


If you are buying a house or buying a new venture, then don’t forget Tatum Ranch, among the most well reviewed of all North Scottsdale golf homes!

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