Sonoran Foothills Is A Prominent Desert Neighborhood

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If you are looking for a new residence in the Phoenix area, do not forget to peruse the northern corner and browse some of the many homes available there. One neighborhood in North Phoenix that has been getting quite a lot of praise and has quickly become one of the favorites in the area is Sonoran Foothills. This neighborhood is a planned subdivision that was designed to foster a sense of pride among the neighbors and help them to become more closely-knit together. Families are the heart of the subdivision and many people who reside there enjoy the quaint, close vibe that permeates the community.

Many Home Types

Regardless of the size of your family or your budget, you can find a property that fits within your wants in alluring Sonoran Foothills. The properties available range from smaller ranchs to larger two-story homes with up to four bedrooms. You can find the right layout that correlates well with your family’s space desires and your style of living in this community, as the homes were designed with growing families in mind. One of the most alluring characteristics that all of the homes in the neighborhood are blessed with is the panoramic landscape of the adjacent mountains. All you have to do is step into your backyard and you will see the beautiful landscape of the mountains that many people can only imagine.

Another thing that you’ll notice when you view the properties in Sonoran Foothills is that they were constructed in such a way that the native desert was undisturbed. The real estate was established with great appreciation for the Sonoran desert land, keeping it as untouched as the builders could. You’ll find that you feel as if you are one with nature when stolling through the subdivision and this is exactly what the developers had in mind.

Desert Activities

The Sonoran Desert Nature Preserve is only a few steps away from the subdivision, so that you can stroll around and enjoy the untainted land no matter when you want to. Kids will take pleasure in hiking along the trails and exploring the animals and native plants, while adults will be able to enjoy their favorite outdoor pursuits like hiking and biking.

Many golf courses are also convenient to the desert, which is a big appeal for a large number of people. Superb golf can be enjoyed at any time of the year, as the Arizona climate never gets very cold and the sun shines about 300 days per year in the state. The golf courses also have incredible dining and club houses, along with tennis courts and swimming pools for those who prefer other action.

If you are considering a move to North Phoenix, do not forget to see some of the properties for sale in the Sonoran Foothills subdivision. You can find an amazing family home for you that is close to the beautiful desert. There are number of other subdivisions nearby, so make sure to go north and see what the area has to provide.

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