Selling Scottsdale Homes: What Upgrades To Avoid



Naturally, as the new owner of your Scottsdale homes, you will want to make them more functional and comfortable for your household. However, before you buy a new hot tub or transform your garage into a bedroom, consider whether or not such upgrades will increase or decrease the value of our house in the future.

Although selling one of those Scottsdale homes could be years from now, remember that some home upgrades may not be welcome to property buyers. If buyers are really ready to make a purchase, they will tour many houses that can be quite confusing. Thus, they tend to distinguish what they have viewed by features such as the house that has a very nice kitchen or the home with an ugly purple tiled bathroom. Of course, you don’t want any of your houses to be a subject of buyer’s criticisms. The following are some things that can turn off home buyers.

Outdated Finishes

No matter what your wall paint is, when home buyers look up and find wobbly ceiling fans or popcorn ceilings, they will not appreciate the condition. If you plan to improve a room in your house, why not improve everything including the light switches? Be careful with wallpapers since these are quite personal and buyers may find them polarizing. As for carpets, know that the majority of buyers these days will prefer wood floors.

Awkward Spaces

You have probably seen the commercial where the kitchen is remodeled by the family borrowing space from the bedroom of the son who has gone to college. The result is that his room has become as small as a closet. Move or knock out walls where you have to; however, make sure you don’t compromise on the space of other rooms.


Think twice about changing a room’s original function. If you want to deck out your dining room as a media space, this can makes sense for everybody; however, think where the new owner of this house will serve dinner. And although you are on the subject, transforming study rooms into bedrooms does not work. A bedroom cannot be one without an adjoining bath or closets.

Bad Add Ons

Adding on space which appears stuck to the original home with glue is worth than not having enough space. If you wish to add a space to your house, ensure that it looks seamless with the same quality floors and finishes.

Luxuries that are Pricy to Maintain

Koi ponds, swimming pools, putting greens and fountains can make your backyard a paradise; however, they are costly to maintain. Although it is a good hobby to install lush landscaping which requires constant pruning to maintain its shape, future buyers of Scottsdale homes will see less as more. Sure it is good to have hobbies but ensure you can take these hobbies with you as you relocate.

So start painting your den after the colors of your favorite football team. But if you want to sell your house, prepare it for the next owner. Make sure the house is in pristine clean condition and let it wear attractive neutral shades.

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