Scottsdale Realtors Help You Craft An Appealing Offer Letter



Finally, after searching for the right house with Scottsdale realtors, you have found a property that you can afford in your desired neighborhood. Now, the next step is to prepare an offer letter which stands between you and acquiring your ideal house. The following are some tips that you can use in crafting an offer letter which will surely appeal to home sellers.

Spend Time Talking to a Realtor or Lawyer

A good offer letter should include contract terms like any contingencies and bid price. Ensure that you offer fair, legal and feasible conditions. Good Scottsdale realtors or lawyers will help you in offering the right details.

Disclose the Reason you Want to Purchase the House

Try to paint a picture to the home seller with phrases or words which include 2-3 reasons why you wish to purchase the property. Being able to connect emotionally with the home seller can increase your chances of acquiring it.

Flatter the Home Seller

You can always craft a pitch which flatters the owner of the house you are interested in. After all, it is your aim to make them feel great about accepting what you offer. In glowing terms, try to cite the latest improvements that you noticed of the house like new hardwood floors or home remodels. Do not forget to thank the seller for the opportunity to meet them. Also, thank them for the chance to bid on their beautiful house.

Never Mention a Remodel that you are Planning

Your offer letter should not mention any remodeling plans like adding a sunroom or basement. A seller who still has emotional connection to his house is likely to reject your offer. This is especially true of you are planning to change a feature in the house which was dear to the seller. Refer to your Scottsdale realtors to know what else you should not mention in your letter.

Include Reasonable Contingencies

Contingencies refer to conditions that are part of an offer on a house which must be fulfilled before the closure of the deal. Although too many contingencies can kill an offer, too few can possibly have a similar effect. Make sure you reasonably ask for contingencies that usually include an inspection or appraisal.

Demonstrate Stability

Emphasize that your stability as a homeowner by offering proof of this. Include some dependable paperwork like a copy of your loan approval. Include any good employment history and other achievements. Your stability can outshine a higher bid from a home buyer who have issues at closing.

Always Be Positive

Your offer letter must be positive. If you are making it, remember that this is not the right time to cite a serious disease or other disturbing news. Rather, stay positive as you aim to leave a good impression on the seller.

Reinforce What’s Best in Your

Your best qualities must be summarized along with the reason you would be the perfect buyer of the home at the last part of your letter. You can also share about your flexibility and willingness to move in at the convenience of the seller.

Proofread your Letter

Aside from proofreading the letter by yourself, let your family and friends do it too. Grammar and spelling mistakes can kill an offer right away. An appealing offer letter could be your key to getting your dream house. Also, do not forget to get the help of one of the best Scottsdale realtors out there.

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