Scottsdale Realtors Can Help Maximize The Chance Of Selling Your Home In The Winter



A number of people who don’t work with Scottsdale realtors say that selling a home in the winter is a bad decision. Because of the stormy and cold weather that we experience, we can of course face challenges. However, we should not be discouraged. When it comes to progressing possible home buyers into active buyers, first and last impressions do make a difference.

Be wary because the slightest problem or discomfort can sour such experience and turn buyers away from your house. Consulting your Scottsdale realtors will help you understands this point even better. However, by being able to address some important areas, you can easily avoid any winter woes. The following are some tips for maximizing your home’s showing potential during the winter months.

Do Not Consider the Winter Season as an Obstacle

It is post-storm or still storming; however, you have scheduled showings for your home. In order to avoid making it more of a chore for potential buyers, make sure that you shovel your walkway or driveway to make a good first impression. Home buyers tend to turn away instead of hiking to your doorway despite knee-deep snow and then risk wet pants, snow in shoes and wet shocks.

Check the Temperature of your Home

Keep in mind that property buyers who have their own Scottsdale realtors often view not just one house at a time and therefore travel around and run in and out of their vehicle or even up and down condo elevators. You can expect them to be dressed for the outdoors so even if increasing the heat can make lounging on the couch great, it can possibly be oppressive for buyers in your house. Make sure that you monitor the entire home’s temperature and set it properly.

Get your Buyers into the Light

During the winter months, we tend to experience less natural light because of shorter days. Make sure that enough lighting in all your rooms. Keep in mind that dark rooms can make a person feel depress especially when it comes in from the cold. Every room must be kept bright in the winter. A number of home sellers are likely to object because of energy saving reasons; however, it makes sense to leave all your lights on before visiting buyers come or you can use timers. With this, you will be able to set the mood and ensure that your buyers won’t have to fumble for light switches. Always remember first impressions.

Preparation is Key

Make sure that you are ready for those wet and snowy boots and shoes. No person likes having dirt or snow tracked around the house by wet socks or shoes. It is better to have a “shoes off” sign. An absorbent mat can be placed to protect your wood or stone flooring. Have an appropriate storage area or tray for shoes to show to your potential buyers your home’s organization. This can also be applicable to winter hats, jackets and scarves.

Show your Pet-Friendliness

If you have pets in your house, make sure that your visitor will see clean pets. We certainly love our furry buddies; however, let us not leave doggy outfits and dirty slush-soaked towels around. You don’t want your visitors to be welcomed by the smell of wet dogs.

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