Scottsdale Real Estate Agent: What a Seller’s Market Means for Both Sellers and Buyers

Jenifer Wehner - Scottsdale RealtorA good Scottsdale real estate agent will keep people in the real estate market informed what a seller’s market will mean to them no matter they are a buyer or seller. This market condition means more competition for first-time buyers. And sellers benefit from it because it means quicker and easier sales. Here’s what to expect from a seller’s market.

Home Sellers Get Many Offers

While sellers who worth with a Scottsdale real estate agent can have a control over the market situation, they should n to make mistakes. Because missing the first chance of getting their homes sold means missing the chance to achieve a dream deal.

It is important to ensure sellers do not lose their first buyer. If problems are obvious, they should be dealt with right away. It is best to inform the buyer about these problems before they discover them on their own. Once sellers have a deal, the control is taken by the buyer.

Common problems to deal with by sellers include plumbing issues and old roofs. Telling the buyer about these issues in advance allows them to factor these into their offer. Property buyers tend to be more forgiving of property issues when they compete with other buyers. However, hiding these problems from them could mean the demise of the deal.

Buyers Make Lots of Offers

These days, property buyers are aggressive and motivated as well as take action right away. And those who are serious about getting their dream house should compete with these motivated buyers in the seller’s market. Whenever they get a listing alert, they have to see it. Homes that go on the market Monday are unlikely to be still available that weekend.

The strong market competition and the desire to own a house will have buyers making an offer within just hours of its listing. Motivated buyers will work with their Scottsdale real estate agent to ensure they have an edge over others in acquiring the house of their dream.

Sellers are Strategic in Dealing with Offers

Attractive homes that go on the market tend to get many offers. However, sellers should not settle with the first few offers they get. With the help of their agent, they will be able to narrow their search down and consider the most favorable offers to their homes. The approach to taking offers is not universal since every town, county and market are different. In some, sellers may need to wait ten days, host showings and review offers. In others, sellers might have to consider an offer as it comes.

Buyers Expand their Options

Checking out as many home options as possible allows buyers to pick the right home to buy. Also, this makes this more comfortable with the market and how it works. Buyers also miss out opportunities along the way and they need to learn from them. This helps them stay motivated to make the best offer the next time. Missing on a few houses may let them realize they were actually not the ones for them.

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