Scottsdale Real Estate Agent Tips: Saving Money On Your Move



An excellent Scottsdale real estate agent knows that purchasing a home and moving in will cost you. However, there can be ways to make it not very painful. In order to help you reduce the costs, you need to be willing to negotiate and put a bit of work alongside a little inside knowledge of special deals available out there. The following are some ways you can save money on your relocation and move in.

Forget about Taking It all With You

The pieces of furniture you do not love anymore or those appliances such as the fridge, dryers or washers you put in your garage can really be a pain to move. Your Scottsdale real estate agent will also say the same. It is possible for you to save money by including them in your garage sale. Those who move from out of state or those buying homes for the first time may appreciate your old items and there is no need for you to pay to bring them to your new house.

Leave your Flat Screen

Do you own a mounted flat screen TV that is a few years old? If so, you do not have to bring it with you. The cost of bringing this and repairing the wall behind it and the care involved during the move might not be worth it. Know that there is improvement to flat screen technology as costs come down. Thus, it is a great excuse to get something larger and better without having to spend a lot of money.

Negotiate Everything

If you have purchased a house before or just got your very first with your Scottsdale real estate agent you have probably known the closing costs. However, do you know the amount of money you can negotiate with your lender? Before you pick a lender, shop around but do not stop there. After getting the good faith estimate of closing costs, this is not the end of the negotiation. The list of estimated closing costs includes items like title insurance premiums and appraisal charges as well as lender’s fees. It is advised that although you can negotiate some items like city and county stamps, taxes, prorated interest, reserves and recording fees, negotiating on other items which can be reduced or waived will save you money.

Don’t Forget to Barter for Services

If you have furniture or appliances you wish to get rid of or need a handyman, you can make a deal. Get referrals from your family and friends and barter during the first conversation. You will be surprised with the stuff you can have for and the stuff already have.

Move Wise

If you are out for college or out for your first post-college apartment, moving on your own or renting a U-haul may not be a good idea. However, if you have the willingness to sweat a bit, you can surely save a lot of dollars. Just do not forget pizza and beer to entice your friends and than them. In case you decide not to do everything by yourself, try to think of ways to save money by doing a hybrid move. Pack and unpack your stuff yourself. Make sure all stuff are in one floor since stairs tend to add to the moving costs. Pare down. Perhaps you do not have to bring everything with you. Consider selling the unimportant stuff to earn a few bucks.

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