Scottsdale Real Estate Agent Tips: Red Flags To Check Before Making A House Offer

jen-wehner-logoA great Scottsdale real estate agent will agree that making a house offer can be an exciting and memorable experience. But, it is imperative to ensure you put an offer on a house which you can live in for a long period of time. Also, you have to be aware of the problems that could possibly break the home deal.

Sick or Wood Near the House

In case there is a tree that does not have leaves or has rotted or hollow wood, this indicates there are pests nearby or this has been an issue before. You have to call an exterminator right away to check the house first before deciding to make an offer. Your Scottsdale real estate agent may have known some pest control companies or exterminators within your area so seek for his advice.

There are Wallpaper and Paint in Weird Areas

Older houses commonly show odd wallpaper or paint colors in at least one room. But, when the paint is different than the rest of the areas of the house or the wallpaper is put specifically in one spot, this could indicate the wallpaper or paint is new and designed for covering up a damage. This indication is also true if plaster or wood panelings are in random areas in the house.

Overgrown Yard in the House or Nearby Homes

Yards that are not maintained signify the house owner has not been there recently or has not liked doing the maintenance thing. This must be a significant red flag as there is often a reason the property would not be well-manicured before getting sold. Seeing poorly kept yards could also mean abandoned homes which is not great for the value and ability of your new hose to be sold later.

Very Low Price

A house which is priced slightly under market value signifies that its owner wants to begin a bidding war. A house priced well below market value indicates it needs work. Also, this could mean the house has been up for sale for some time and other potential buyers have backed out for some reasons. Either way, this means something is wrong with the house.

Unpermitted Construction

When you find a garage, shed or any structures that unlikely to have permits, think twice about buying the house. The reason is that it could be tougher to obtain a loan and you need to get a permit when you decide to change this structure. Contact your Scottsdale real estate agent for more information in case you have issues with what is permitted or not.

Although purchasing a house is a good way to add stability to your life and build wealth, ensure you get the right house. Before making an offer, make sure that the property is in great shape or that you exercise the right to ask for any problem getting fixed before taking possession. A good agent will definitely help you through the buying process from start to finish so make sure you make a good choice.

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