Scottsdale Real Estate Agent Tips: Home Improvements That Could Impact Resale



A great Scottsdale real estate agent surely knows that typical home buyers today choose to live in their houses for only five to seven years. Thus, it is imperative to take into account resale when trying to improve one’s home.

Even if you are a buyer, you have to think like a home seller, from the time you affix your signature to the purchase contract through doing any home renovation or improvement projects. Consider how your renovations can impact your house’s sale down the road. Here are some improvement or renovation projects which could hurt the resale of your home.

Doing Too Much Gardening or Landscaping Improvements

A home seller or buyer is likely to have a green thumb and enjoy spending time on the garden, landscaping or the hedges. However, the next purchaser might see this as too much maintenance particularly if you have gone overboard with your gardening ability. Possible home buyers may not have the willingness to pay for this, do the work on their own or hire a gardener. This is particularly possible with Gen X-ers and Millennials.

Certainly, your home should have curb appeal and great landscaping can help it get sold. However, this could be done through an affordable yard once-over before you go on the housing market. You can rely on your Scottsdale real estate agent to get more tips on this.

Transforming a Garage into a Room

There is actually no problem with converting a garage into a family room if you really wish to have a bigger space for your family or you do not own a nice car. A number of individuals are likely to think that a driveway is already enough. However, this is a big no-no in real estate. Buyers expect a garage especially in the suburbs. If a garage is taken out, you will lose a big chunk of property buyers who will not consider a house that has no garage. You will surely get the same point from a professional Scottsdale real estate agent.

Taking Out a Bedroom

Today, it is a usual thing for people to convert a bedroom into a home office or big master closet with built-in cabinet and desk. If this is done, ensure that you can easily turn the room back if you decided to sell the property. Home buyers with children are likely to need that room. For them, the home office or close that you have built will mean more money to spend for having the room back.

Adding a Swimming Pool

As with landscaping, a pool needs maintenance and means bigger liability for owners. But since Scottsdale gets plenty of sun, some buyers may appreciate having a pool in place. Just remember that a pool can be a turn-off for other buyers. When in doubt, you can consult your Scottsdale real estate agent.

Adding Highly Personalized Fixtures, Finishes or Colors

Usually, home owners put in sinks, tiles, countertops, floor coverings and vanities which are not easy to replace but specific to their own tastes. For instance, you may like your kitchen to have the Moroccan tiles. However, the next buyer of property may not like it. Similarly, installing marble or ceramic tile over the floors can be a costly mistake that other people will not be willing to pay for it.

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