Scottsdale Real Estate Agent Insights: Six Reasons Your Home Does Not Sell At The Best Price

Jenifer Wehner - Scottsdale Realtor


If you are working with an excellent Scottsdale real estate agent you know the common reasons a home may not sell. And you will want to avoid these to ensure you get the price for your house. Below are some of the main reasons.

You Overpriced Your Home

It is a common mistake for home sellers to price their house too high. They think that possible buyers will make a lower offer and they can make use of this to negotiate. Mispricing your property from the start can have you selling it for less than the price you would get when you priced it correctly beforehand. Know that overpriced homes stay in the market for a long time and buyers will think that something’s wrong with the house.

You Post Poor Photos Online

Almost all people who are in the market to buy homes begin their search over the web. They made a decision on a house based upon the photos they see with the listing. In order to draw attention, you need to post clear and high quality photos of your homes online. Take photos of your home’s best features and showcase them to online home searchers.

Your Home is Not Available for Showing

Today, many buyers interested in homes want to see them at their convenience and usually almost immediately. Thus, you need to ensure you can show your house to possible buyers at any time. It is only by showing that you have a chance to sell your property.

It is in a Bad Location

Your Scottsdale real estate agent may have told you that homes that are in less desirable areas like next to a busy street, school or an apartment building tend to sell less than comparable homes in a quieter area. In cities that depend so much on mass transit, homes located far from transit stops may not be great options for property buyers.

Furthermore, if your home is in a neighborhood where homes tend to sell at low prices, it may also get sold in low prices. Agents and appraisers tend to base their view of a home’s value based on how much comparable homes have been sold.

Your Home Has Structural Problems

Structural problems like foundation issues are not attractive to home buyers. The reason is that it’s not easy to get an estimate of the amount the problems will cost to solve them. In fact, buyers would assume the repairs will require them a big sum of money which means more investment on their part. Buyers will prefer to get homes without any structural issues.

Your Home is a Mess

A messy house with poorly-maintained yard and grimy windows is unlikely to sell at the right price. The majority of home buyers will have a tough time getting past the first impression and when you leave your house dirty, expect to spend lots of money in the long run. Talk to your Scottsdale real estate agent on the importance of presenting a flawless home to buyers.

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