Scottsdale Houses: Living In One Of Arizona’s Best Communities


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Scottsdale houses attract people who wish to experience an upscale life in the desert and almost a year round of sunshine. Although the cost of living in Scottsdale is higher than the average in the United States, the community enjoys highly-rated public schools, low crime rate and a low employment. Also, the proximity of the community to Phoenix offers extra opportunities for higher education and employment. Here are other reasons that make Scottsdale an excellent place to live.

Scottsdale Employment

The Scottsdale area has many employment opportunities for those who live in Scottsdale houses. Tourism and manufacturing are the main industries. The manufacturing industry includes electronic equipment, aircraft parts, leather goods and radios.

The biggest public sector employers in Scottsdale include the City of Scottsdale and Scottsdale Unified School District. The biggest private sector employers in the community include Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale Healthcare, CVS Caremark, Go Daddy and General Dynamics. Moreover, a number of individuals prefer to work in Phoenix that has a variety of employers of different sizes.

Scottsdale’s unemployment rate is below the average in the country. In February 2013, the community had 5.4 percent unemployment rate that is 2% lower than the 7.5% national average. In adjacent Phoenix, unemployment was also below the country’s average in February 2013 with 6.7% rate.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Scottsdale is 122 compared to the 100 national average. Although utility and food costs in Scottsdale are on par with other states in the country, the higher prices of Scottsdale houses drive the overall Scottsdale higher cost of living.

Schools and Education

The community of Scottsdale is rich with resources for education meant for people of all ages. The Scottsdale Unified School District serves the Paradise Valley and Scottsdale as well as parts of Tempe and Phoenix. Within the state of Arizona, the schools are highly rated.

Scottsdale Community College provides higher education opportunities. Technical and vocational school such as Arizona Culinary Institute are also available in the community. In Phoenix, located around 20 miles from Scottsdale, you can find a number of schools that include private colleges, community colleges and Arizona State University.

Crime Rate

Owners of Scottsdale houses enjoy a community that has a low crime rate. In Scottsdale, there is a higher average family income, household income and per capital income compared to other communities in Arizona that plays a significant role in its low crime rate. A crime prevention program, a neighborhood watch program is run by the Scottsdale Police Program and other programs to stop and minimize crime in a proactive way.

Park and Recreation

A Parks and Recreation Department is maintained by Scottsdale including a network of parks, pools, fields, senior centers, fitness center and tennis courts. The city also has recreation classes for various ages. Whether you wish to play tennis or have an instant picnic, the big network of recreation opportunities and park is a true bonus for those who live in Scottsdale houses.

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