Scottsdale Homes For Sale: Common Myths In The Real Estate World



If you are in the real estate market for Scottsdale homes for sale, you might be able to get plenty of unsolicited advice from people you know. And a part of such advice can be helpful while some may not be. In terms of real estate, many people speak in absolutes and generalize things based on their own experiences when the fact is more nuanced. The following are some of the common myths in the world of real estate.

Open Houses Will Just Waste your Time

This can have a lot of meanings and many agents will tell you this. This could mean that the agent is not confident you can sell your property or get one of the available Scottsdale homes for sale and he is not willing to invest time in it. This could also mean the agent h as so many inventories that he cannot squeeze the house into an open house rotation. This can even mean that he does not work on weekends.

The truth is that open houses are a great way to get exposed for a home. It offers prospects a casual and non-obligatory opportunity to have a preview of the property. Although it is true that your agent is likely to get new projects for Scottsdale homes for sale aside from your house, an open house in other location is likely to provide a buyer in the same fashion.

Only Experienced Agents are Considered Best

Although longevity in the real estate business indicates the honesty and competence of an agent, it is not necessarily so. Buyers and sellers of properties require initiative, honesty, negotiation and listening skills, market knowledge and availability from an agent.

It is Legitimate to Use a Selling Agent Bonus

This is a classic real estate myth. Definitely, it is good tactic for agents but not for anyone else in the transaction. Of course, an agent will bring a prospect to your house if it suits his requirements. A motivated home seller would consider it a better technique to decrease the home price so it can be sold quickly. The majority of buyers of Scottsdale homes for sale would rather see the bonus get to them through a reduced price than an agent fee to introduce them to the house.

You Save Money if you Prefer “For Sale by Owner” Properties

Buyers of Scottsdale homes for sale can choose how to go about finding a house. They can look for a real estate agent who has understanding of their requirements and takes them on home visits. Also, they can purchase a newspaper, browse websites or jump into their car and do the search by themselves.

Why would a property buyer do this? A home seller who prefers the “go it alone” route attempts to do the same thing. Both of them cannot save the commission. Those who go for the “for sale by the owner” route are likely to find it tough at investing the same commitment to know how to assess a house, select a great agent, how to interview and how to proceed with the real estate process.

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