Scottsdale And Phoenix, Arizona Real Estate Housing Prediction

Up-Coming Housing Trends for Arizona

I had the pleasure in speaking with Tina Tamboer-Glatfelter with the Cromford Report on her take on the Scottsdale and Phoenix Real Estate market forecast. For those of you who are not familiar with the Cromford Report , the Cromford Report was created by Michael Orr. Michael Orr is a highly observed Phoenix  Real Estate\Realtor Expert, and in my humble opinion there is no better resource available. I asked Tina a few questions on the Scottsdale and Phoenix Real Estate Market Forecast.

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1. What do you believe the trend in appreciation will be in the next year?

The Cromford Report tends to avert making long term predictions. However with that being said, it’s reasonable to expect bank inventory to continue falling and eventually diminishing to a lower level in 2013. Without these discounted properties in the calculations, median and average sale prices naturally rise. Also as investors follow the distressed inventory to other areas, that will put regular buyers back in the market in many areas. Traditional buyers requiring financing rely more on appraisals, which are very conservative and may slow down the appreciation rates as fewer cash buyers will be active. We may see prices fluctuate during the change, but soon get back on track to a sustainable appreciation rate.

2. What is the difference in this atmosphere for smaller end price figures vs.high-end end obtainable points?

Prices are spurred in part by desire. Lower end demand is influenced more bymoney, money and interest rates for example. Higher end demand may be affected more by corporate profits and stock market performance. As past rebounds have trended, the lower end prices tend to return first, then the higher end follows a year after. If this trend holds true for our recovery, then the lower end has been recovering for over a year now and we should start to see some help for the higher end in 2013.

3. We have seen low inventory for Scottsdale, do you see this trend continuing?

We’ve started to see the inventory taking an upward turn as Scottsdale enters into a seasonal decline in demand, especially in the northern upscale communities. In the short term, I predict we’ll see stock in Scottsdale swell until “Buyer Season” starts in January.

What does this information mean to you? If you are looking to buy, expect prices to be up, but inventory being higher over the next year–so more choices, more negotiating power etc. If you are looking to sell, prices will be higher but you will have less negotiating power next year than you would in this seller’s market.

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