Making an Informed Choice When Purchasing Phoenix Golf Homes

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The state of Arizona is home to some of the most challenging golf courses in the country (and the world, for that matter). While there are plenty of amazing courses located all over the state, the vast majority can be found around the Phoenix area (spread throughout Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale). If you’re considering relocating to the area and want to look into available Phoenix golf homes, there are certain things you’ll need to understand to ensure you make the right investment.

You’re Buying a Home on a Golf Course

Golf courses are designed to be beautiful, eye catching, stunning natural areas. However, don’t let that beauty blind you to the fact of what they really are – golf courses. That means people will be playing the sport, often almost in your very back yard. If you’re not comfortable with the thought of stray balls landing in your yard, and the sound of golf carts zipping around the course, this might not be the investment for you. As mentioned on, you have to understand that you’re buying a home on a golf course. Phoenix golf homes put you close to the center of the action, and sometimes a lack of privacy or golfers being close to your property are very real possibilities here.If you’re fine with all that, then there’s a wealth of benefits waiting for you with homes at some of the area’s best courses.

Know Your Boundaries

Many Phoenix golf homes come with expansive vistas out over the course. Your backyard will likely blend seamlessly into the course itself. However, that doesn’t mean that the greens or fairways are available for your personal use. Small backyards can be masked by expansive course property, but most courses are actually unavailable for personal use (you’ll need to check your agreement to make sure this applies to you, but it does in most instances). If you need a considerable amount of space in your backyard, make sure that the land you see is actually yours, and doesn’t belong to the course. You can also get around this by making sure that the neighborhood offers plenty of walking or biking paths and public areas free for residents to use (that aren’t necessarily part of the course itself).

Amenities Available

If there’s one thing that sets Phoenix golf homes apart from other homes in the city, it’s the level of amenities on offer in the neighborhood. Golf course neighborhoods are luxurious, and that includes the features and perks offered to residents. Depending on the community you ultimately choose, you might enjoy manicured gardens, an available clubhouse, a spa and massage service, a pool, streams and lakes, and quite a few other high-end amenities. Of course, these vary considerably from community to community, and working with a licensed realtor with in-depth knowledge of Phoenix golf neighborhoods will help ensure you make the best decision for your needs.

Considerations with Realtors

As mentioned above, it’s important that you work with a realtor when buying Phoenix golf homes. What’s more, you need to work with your own realtor – a buyer’s agent – as opposed to one helping the seller move their home. If you’re buying a new home that’s never been lived in before, the realtor in charge of the neighborhood will be fine, but if you’re buying an existing home being sold by the current owner, take the time to find a quality realtor in the area. Locating a licensed, reputable realtor isn’t as hard as it might seem, but it will take a little time and some research. However, it’s more than worth it in the end.

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