North Scottsdale Real Estate Stats, Trends, and Forecast 2010-2011

Scottsdale, Arizona is consistently named one of the best places to reside in America. Scottsdale is rich with golf courses, restaurants, art galleries, parks, great schools, and outdoor activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. The World Champion San Francisco Giants spring training stadium is a popular spot to visit. The city also has very low crime rates which appeals to everyone. There are also cutting edge healthcare and medical research facilities in the valley. The city has a unique mix of contemporary and southwestern style architecture that blends nicely with the gorgeous desert landscape. The sunsets can be absolutely breathtaking most evenings.

North Scottsdale has some amazing subdivisions including Ancala, Silverleaf, Estancia, Grayhawk, Mirabel, Troon North, Desert Highlands, Desert Mountain, and Legend Trail to name a few. Paradise Valley is also a beautiful district in the heart of Scottsdale. The average sales price for houses sold in North Scottsdale in 2010 was around $550k. This area of the Valley carries a bit of mystique and allure that appeals to CEOs, Pro athletes, and some of the Valley’s most successful entrepreneurs. However, compare these home prices to California, New York, Florida, or Illinois and you will see that your income gets stretched a lot further here while still preserving a great lifestyle. Many people move from these states to Arizona because of the affordability, sunny weather, and fantastic lifestyle that it offers.


As of February 2, 2011 the average listed price of homes for sale in Scottsdale is $737,000. The actual median sales price is $278,000. The average price per square foot of these homes for sale is $149 and there are over 4,500 properties listed for sale. Over the last five years homes have dropped in price nearly 35% in Scottsdale. However, this trend is starting to change. From November 2010 to January 2011 sales prices have increased about 1.7%. This is a refreshing sign for homeowners in this area.


With the recent shift upward of real estate sales prices it may be an indicator that the market has bottomed out. Nobody can say for sure if sales prices will continue to increase, or if there will be more dips. All we can do is track the numbers and make any educated assumptions. These upward trends are a very nice sign for all homeowners in the city. One thing is certain, Scottsdale will continue to be an inviting place to live regardless of what happens to the home prices.

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