North Scottsdale Real Estate Continues To Lead Arizona Luxury Home Market

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There’s no question that North Scottsdale is the swankiest part of the city, as it has the most luxurious and private communities, as well as the most exciting golf courses in the city (and possibly the entire state!).  In fact, North Scottsdale has the highest concentration of golf courses within a small district in the entire U.S.  If you’re in love with the game of golf, then you’ll feel right at home here.  It won’t take you long to decide that you’d much rather be a resident than a visitor.


North Scottsdale—The Most Luxurious Part of the City

North Scottsdale is the most active and exciting place for real estate and this is for good reason.  Throughout Arizona history, all of the other parts of Scottsdale have been developed for farming, offices, technology and so forth.  This left the northern part of the city largely untouched for many years.  Some of the most expensive North Scottsdale luxury homes are also the most expensive homes in the United States.  These are properties easily worth $5 million dollars or more.  It’s important to realize that the current boom in North Scottsdale real estate is due to the phenomenal growth of Scottsdale Airpark.  The airpark alone employs over 55,000 people and 2,600 unique businesses.

It’s hard to think about North Scottsdale without images of luxurious North Scottsdale golf homes popping into your mind.  Indeed, there are many luxury golf courses and “golf homes” in the region.  Some of the most popular sites include Grayhawk, Troon North, Silverleaf, Mirabel, DC Ranch and Desert Mountain.  These communities have won national attention and numerous accolades for the design of their golf courses and for their pleasant country club amenities.

North Scottsdale is not only appreciated but revered for its natural beauties.  Many of the villas in the area are actually built around the land, making its lush greenery and mountain ranges evident from all angles.  There are varieties of desert plants and trees, as well as granite boulders and twinkling city lights to enjoy 24-7.  Of course, this is a city of luxury not merely naturalism, so expect the usual elegance in terms of fine dining, designer name retail stores, and exciting sporting events.


The Potential of North Scottsdale Real Estate

There is also a great deal of potential in North Scottsdale land (available by the acre) as well as North Scottsdale foreclosures real estate.  In fact, there have been five hundred and eighty-eight single family foreclosed homes in North Scottsdale since the year 2009.  When the market is down, foreclosures are up.  This is an entire different angle of investment that’s worth considering.

North Scottsdale is a district that is ideally located in between Scottsdale landmarks and Phoenix attractions.  It is diverse location that combines the best of private luxury living with happy vacationers and Arizona families.  If you are interested in North Scottsdale why not talk to a North Scottsdale Realtor about your options?  Whether you are buying or selling, there is plenty to be excited about in Scottsdale—the West’s Most Western Town!

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