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New Home Construction can be overwhelming: All the Choices!

The entire process can leave you confused because of all the choices to make: the floors, cabinets, finishes, fixtures, and many other upgrades.

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How to Make the Right Choices

The most important factor is to have an experienced  Real Estate Broker on your side.  Having a qualified Realtor assists you through the entire process and negotiated the best deal for you.  A knowledgeable agent on your side can answer all your questions about Scottsdale New Home Construction honestly, as opposed to the builder trying to benefit themselves.

A Smooth Selection Process

Choosing to have a great Realtor with you also helps with the entire timeline involved during whole new home construction in phoenix.  The agent knows the process so you don’t have to try to figure it all out.  The Realtor can also assist with the showrooms you may be directed to for pluming, tiling, and carpet.     Again, this can be frustrating to do on your own with such big

Jennifer Wehner, Best Scottsdale Real EState Broker

How to Choose the BEST Realtor in Scottsdale

selections, and hefty price-tags.

Stick to a Budget

With all the selections available, the price of the home can soar quite drastically with a new home construction in Scottsdale.   Having a Real Estate Agent walk you through the process will alleviate a  lot of the pressure and help you focus on the products and styles sin your price range.

Have a Inspirational File

Look through magazines, books, the internet and collect color fabric samples and pictures.  Try something new, don’t stick to the same old, BUT you don’t want to follow fads.  The perfect realtor will be able to enlighten you on today’s trends, what works, and what doesn’t.  Your agent can also direct you to trend-setting sites and take you to tour professionally decorated homes.

Jen Wehner's Exceptional Qualifications HERE

Jen Wehner’s Exceptional Qualifications HERE

Your New Home

When the day is ready to obtain the keys and move in, you will be doing so with relaxed confidence, knowing your partnership with the right realtor was by your side.

Jen Wehner is a Top 1% Producing Scottsdale Realtor and Phoenix New Home Construction Expert.  Choose the BEST Real Estate Agent in Phoenix for your lifetime home investment opportunity.

Best Scottsdale Real Estate Agent

Best Scottsdale Real Estate Agent