MIRABEL: North Scottsdale Golf Homes Provide Luxury Living

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MIRABEL is a neighborhood in North Scottsdale that is well known for its golf homes, luxurious amenities, and pleasant lifestyle. This award-winning and private club is set on 700 acres of southwestern desert. An elevated property, it is around 3,000 feet above sea level, so it stays much cooler during the warm summer months. A Scottsdale real estate professional can help you in selecting a house in this very prestigious subdivision.

Mirabel Has the Most Luxurious North Scottsdale Homes

Instantly, you will be greeted by comforting weather and wonderful scenic views of the desert mountain views. The community of Mirabel, North Scottsdale has homes that are luxuriously constructed and customized to perfection. The community is a safe haven and made up of close friends and families used to the nicer things in life. This member-owned clubhouse is 34,000 square feet in size and includes a variety of amenities. Residents can look forward to a world class golf course, and clubhouse sports like tennis (a clay tennis court opened long hours daily), a fitness center with a private trainer, and a workout group exclusively for women. These North Scottsdale homes feel more like luxury resorts!

Let’s look at the Water Features!

Mirabel buyers can enjoy relaxing days out in the sun and in the swimming pool thanks to the community’s private poolside cabanas, full resort pools and Jacuzzis. There is also a Luxury Day Spa on hand which features massage therapy services, skin care treatment, salon treatments and a host of other niceties of interest to men and women. Further, there are a few world-class lakes within a short drive from the community.

When it’s time for dinner, the Mirabel, Arizona experience is second to none. Mirabel is actually defined by its world-class restaurant. The dining room is very intimate and classy and is actually inspired by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. You can dine here in the midst of fireplaces, patios and a beautiful view of Scottsdale’s city lights. The menu here is equally as impressive. Here you can custom order gourmet creations, comfort foods, worldly delicacies and of course your own weekly preferences.

North Scottsdale golf properties in Mirabel are perhaps the community’s greatest appeal. Of course, you could say the same thing about the entire city of Scottsdale, home of 200 of the best golf courses anywhere in the world! Mirabel’s offering will certainly grab your attention. The course covers 7,147 yards and is a par-71 championship-caliber golf course. As you play golf you can gaze over at the lush landscape of Sonoran desert terrain and bask in its splendor. Just remember to avoid looking at the scenery too long or you might miss your shot!

There is a full-time staff on hand to make sure the golf course is pristine all year round and that it always maintains tournament-style game play. Mirabel has actually been singled out as one of the best courses in the U.S. by prestigious media magazines like Golfweek and GOLF Magazine.

If you seek the golf lifestyle and want to reside in an inviting community that’s safe and used to fine things, then head out to Mirabel, North Scottsdale. A Scottsdale golf realtor can assist you in finding the perfect home. It will feel like a five-star vacation….one that you never have to leave at the end of the week!

North Scottsdale AZ Luxury Real Estate AgentJen Wehner is a current resident and award winning Realtor in North Scottsdale and resides just a few minutes from Mirabel. If you would like to tour homes in this community or get more information about the area you can click here CONTACT SCOTTSDALE REALTOR or call Jen directly 7 days a week at 480-748-6925