Making The Most Bucks From Your Home Sale: Pricing Scottsdale Homes Right Is Key



The value of Scottsdale homes for sale falls within a range and price agreed by the buyer and seller determines the specific property’s value. If a house is priced competitively, it will sell at the higher end of the value range. When it stays in the market for a long time, it will land the lowest in that range.

A Good Agent can Price It Right

When it comes to pricing their homes, homeowners often don’t make it right the first time because of their limited knowledge of the local market. This is because they are just concerned about their own house. However, real estate agents have worked with many homeowners and have learned how the market works every day. Their feet are on the streets daily working with buyers, touring houses and having first-hand experience and knowledge of what moves. Agents know that a house that is priced right will definitely show well and sell no matter what the market condition is.

Impressing the Market when you Have the Chance

Typically, the real estate market responds to a new listing of Scottsdale homes in the first few weeks so make sure that you do make your house attractive to buyers. Ensure you price your house right and take the advice of your agent on de-cluttering, cleaning, prepping and painting so your house will sell for top dollar.

Failing to do it right at listing will leave you missing the chance to impress the market after a newer, more competitive listing comes up. When your house stays in the market for some time, it loses traction and becomes less desirable.

A Price Reduction Becomes a Must

After weeks or months of inactivity, it becomes necessary to reduce the price of your house. If you don’t do this within striking distance of the buyer’s value perception at the time, you may have to make more reductions. And when you miss the market two times, you cannot expect buyers to take your listing seriously. They will come in with an offer that is far lower than they would have.

Market Changes Over Time

The real estate market can begin to decline after some time. You may prefer to list this month while the market is still healthy; however, your odds of making the most money fall when factors come into play like inventory piling up, interest rates rising and the economy slowing.

Poor Showing

Over time, you may get lazy and you no longer have the energy to clean your home and keep it organized. Your home no longer show well as it did when it first hit the market. This can give buyers the chance to make an even lower offer for your house.

If really want to make the most dollar from your home sale, ensure have a good game plan and motivation to keep going. You need to seriously price your home right. Have an upfront plan when reducing the price and make use of this reduction as a market activity. Sellers of Scottsdale homes who are serious about selling can expect a quick and positive response from the market.

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