Major Pre-Offer Actions Sellers Of Scottsdale Real Estate Homes Can Take

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Sellers of Scottsdale real estate homes who wait until they encounter the purchase offer of a buyer before they initiate major actions are likely to force themselves to make many decisions too quickly and at once. A lot of people are not comfortable about making decisions. They may lack confidence in what they can do. But, sellers will have to make multiple, lifestyle, financial and legal decision following the presentation of a buyer’s offer. There are positive actions that sellers must start before the arrival of an offer. With this, they will be able prepare themselves for making decisions.

Imagine Yourself Living in the New House of the Buyer

Forget about the “mine.” Cut the emotional attachment and focus on making the house attractive to possible buyers. It is not easy to make confident decisions if you are distracted by personal history and pride of ownership.

Think of what the Buyer is Likely to Ask you to Do

Expect buyer requests in terms of moving dates, financing and other essential factors which are likely to cause cost or inconvenience to you. For example, if you needed to wait a lot of months for closing and the amount of money for the sale, do you know what could this cause you? Take into account costs involved to moving in a few months time than convenient. Are you aware of the potential considerations and costs involved when you will be asked to hold a second mortgage by the buyer to allow them to pay what you have asked for? Get information from your agent on how seller-held mortgages work.

Think More than Just List Price to Come Up with Full Offer Value

There are five elements involved in the value expressed in the offer of a buyer.

Purchase Price – This does not have to mean the amount that Scottsdale real estate seller gets since other factors such as unpaid property taxes, can decrease the total. Instead of on purchase price, the sale’s net proceeds should be the thing a seller should focus on. Professional real estate agents have the ability to calculate the net proceeds of sellers after offer-related costs and commission deduction.

• Closing Date – This refers to the date ownership of the house is moved and the seller gets the money. This can represent value or cost to sellers. When the seller needs to make a couple of moves or must pay two mortgages, costs are likely to add up and there will be a decrease in offer value.

• Inclusions and Exclusions – These represent value and costs. Light fixtures, appliances and draperies are some seller inclusions. However, cost of replacing these things in the next house will decrease profit.

• Terms and Conditions – These are offer clauses covering the obligations and risks of both parties. Such clauses detail the things that buyer asks sellers to do in terms of the buying price. The degree of uncertainty linked to the conditions and the related ability of the buyer to close impact an offer’s value.

• Intent and Sincerity – These are important aspects of an offer though not easy to quantify. For Scottsdale real estate sellers, offer value depends on the certainty that home buyers will close in despite issues such a market shifts.

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