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How to Choose the BEST Realtor in Arizona

Finding the choice investment in North Scottsdale real estate can be a challenge.

Hopefully, your realtor brings experience to the table that can help you to make a productive choice. Choosing a leading agent is paramount to your quest in real estate to be productive.

Jennifer Wehner, Top Producing Phoenix Realtor

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Jen Wehner is that asset you need to have on your side.  Jen is a top-notch expert in the Arizona Market with extensive knowledge in the Real Estate Market.  Jennifer is a Certified APR and CDPE and a multi-million dollar producer.  Jen Wehner is also a #1 Top Producing Real Estate Broker in Scottsdale, as well as Top 1% in Sales in Phoenix. The most important things to have in this current market is the essential tools for a profitable investment transaction.

Analyzing the Market

Jen  employs a tool called a comparative market analysis. When you’re shopping around for  Scottsdale real estate, you may hear the term “CMA” floated around. Jennifer uses this comparative market analysis to provide you with the information you need to make a excelling choice about purchasing a property.

Jen Wehner, #1 Producing Phoenix Realtor

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This market analysis will give you priceless details on how homes comparable to the one you’re looking at have altered. This will take into account price expansion or decreased, days on the market, how many times it’s been bought and sold and so forth. This will provide you with some very incomparable information.

If you desire the right Realtor to try to get a finest deal on North Scottsdale real estate, Jen Wehner has the best credentials for a fantastic partnership with you!

Jennifer will be knowledgeable with her investigation tactics on a situation such as if someone has a house on the market that’s overpriced.  She will also be able to know that it may have been on the market for several weeks and  she can then use that information to attempt to persuade the seller to diminish the asking price. If a house is new construction and the present owner wants to sell it off, Jen will take investigate  the homes in that area have transpired and try to discuss with the owner for a more realistic price.

Scoping Out Open Houses

If you start examining Phoenix properties on your own, you’ll find plenty of open houses.  This could potentially turn out to be not finding anything in which you’re really interested in, as well as totally frustrating. Jennifer has incredible skills when and where there is Scottsdale homes being shown, as well as the comprehension  of what is a great match for what you want. This will make sure you are ushered to  the desired homes when she take you out to hand-selected private tours. Jen will make sure time is wasted and ensure that yours is used wisely and productively in a warm and inviting manner.

Jennifer Wehner, Top 1% Sales Producing Realtor in AZ

The Jen Wehner Team is Here for YOU!

Jen has superior knowledge about new construction in all of Arizona. This market is sometimes the most desirable of all. If you aspire to be the first owner of a house, there are many benefits. You may not want to deal with the renovations that are sometimes required to get an existing property set up.  Jennifer will know the history of builders in the area, so you have a real advantage in terms of making a good decision as far as buying something new is concerned. You’ll certainly be advised of homes that Jennifer knows to have made their owners very disgruntled.

The North Scottsdale real estate market is alluring, achievable and rich with options. Whether you’re a fist time home buyer or you want to obtain a place for retirement, you’ll find that you can get exactly what you want in this region with my leading edge and maximum effort.

Let Jennifer Wehner  use the tools she has that has been tried and true and which has made her a sought-after Top Scottsdale Real Estate Broker here in Arizona.   Jen would be excited  providing you with wisdom that you can profit with.  You’ll will without a doubt  find that the process of acquiring a investment property in this area is an exceptional  investment.  I will guide you through the entire process and be there for all your questions.

With Jen Wehner on your side, I will be there every step of the way to make sure to find a profitable situation within your reach  among Scottsdale real estate.

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