Is A Scottsdale Real Estate Auction Good For You?



An auction is a helpful strategy that can help you sell your Scottsdale real estate house quickly. However, you probably still wonder why would want to do this thing. Know that a home auction does not involve the presence of many people standing around on the front lawn of your property to bid on it and its contents. Instead, this marketing strategy is sealed-bid which can be quite effective in particular situations.

How it Works

A Scottsdale real estate auction involves an intensive period of marketing your house which will be followed by a pre-arranged date on which possible buyers submit their offers. A real estate agent should be there to guide you so you can choose the best offer and start negotiating with the bidder offering him only a few hours to give a response to your counter-offer. In case you fail to make a deal, you will start to work with the bidder who gave the next-best offer, making your counter –offer and requesting him to respond right away.

The point here is to compress the time your Scottsdale real estate house is on the market and have a quick sale at a great price. As every bid needs to be submitted on the same date, possible home buyers know they may have competition and have a good incentive for making their first offer the best one. This often means that a short negotiating period or a short listing period.

Is it For you?

Such strategy is not for everybody. However, it can be the right thing if you wish to curtail the period when possible buyers can view your house or have a selling deadline.

For example, when you have small kids and you cannot keep your home tidy, a Scottsdale real estate auction lets you limit home viewing to one or two weeks, during which your real estate agent holds open houses on the weekend and you allow second visits on weekday nights. Or you have probably bought another house with a close closing and wish to sell your existing house quickly, so you do not have to go for bridge financing. Auction works best if:

• There is strong demand for houses in your area.
• You have a well-maintained and attractive house.
• The asking price you set is realistic.
• You know what is acceptable to you when it comes to the financing of the buyer. the closing date as well as inclusions.
• Your real estate agent is comfortable with the auction and wish to put resources and time into promoting your home sale aggressively through advertising, word of mouth or open houses.
• You have hired an agent who negotiates excellently.
• You are confident with your agent and naturally decisive.

When you want to consider a home auction, make sure that you talk it with your agent. The professional will be able to tell you if this strategy is suitable for you or not. This then requires you t find the best agent in Scottsdale who has been in the industry for many years.

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