Important Things to Look for When Buying Scottsdale Luxury Homes

Luxury Homes in Scottsdale

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Scottsdale, Arizona, has become something of a haven for those who desire the finer things in life. From amazing golf courses and golf neighborhoods to enclaves of life nestled within the heart of the area’s mountains, Scottsdale can offer pretty much anything you might want if you have a taste for luxury. The area offers plenty of dining and shopping, as well as nightlife on its own, and Scottsdale is close enough to other metropolitan areas that residents can easily access any activities or attractions. Of course, if you’re in the market for Scottsdale luxury homes, there are some important things to consider.


The age-old real estate mantra, “location, location, location” is truer in the Scottsdale area than in many other locations. There’s both good and bad news for prospective homebuyers interested in buying Scottsdale luxury homes. First, let’s get to the good news – you’ll find luxurious homes in pretty much any type of location that you might want. For instance, many people making the move to Scottsdale do so with an eye for golf. You’ll find some of the most luxurious homes on the market butted right up to world-class golf courses, giving you immediate access to the greens from your own backyard. The same applies to mountain real estate, as well as high desert real estate. Whatever you want, it’s there.

Now to the bad news – the real estate market has once more heated up. The buyer’s market and glut of available homes that marked most of the last decade or so is gone. Today, the prices are climbing, and those looking to buy Scottsdale luxury homes often find that they’re not the only family interested in a particular property. This puts you in competition with other buyers, further increasing the price of the property, as well as lowering the number of available homes.

Falling in Love

Scottsdale luxury homes are available in a plethora of styles, types and configurations. However, many people fall in love with a particular home – they get their heart set on it, and pursue that particular property regardless of the advice of their friends, family and even their real estate agent. Don’t fall in love with a home, no matter how perfect it might seem, no matter what its location and no matter what the price point. Falling in love with a single home immediately excludes other, possibly better homes, from your consideration. recommends that when shopping for Scottsdale luxury homes, bear a few things in mind:

  • Follow the advice of your realtor
  • Listen to what others have to say
  • Don’t be blinded by how “perfect” a home might seem – be realistic
  • Judge everything with a critical eye and don’t let a single feature, perk or benefit cloud your judgment

Use an Expert

Shopping for luxury homes is very different from buying an average home in virtually every way. The purchase price is considerably higher, the construction and finish materials are different, the locations and perks are different, and even the styles available differ. It can be a confusing process for those who haven’t gone through it before. It’s vital that you work with an expert in Scottsdale luxury homes, rather than a real estate agent who specializes in other types of housing. An expert realtor should have in-depth experience with a variety of different luxury properties, and can help you locate the ideal home for you and your family from the
many options available in the Scottsdale area. Don’t go it alone, and don’t work with a “jack of all trades”. You need an experienced, expert realtor to help guide you through the luxury real estate market.

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