Getting Help From A Good Scottsdale Real Estate Agent To Improve Energy Efficiencies Of An Older Home



A good Scottsdale real estate agent knows that the average age of houses for sale these days is creeping up. From centennial houses in historic locations to split-level homes in the 1960s, a lot of home buyers are sifting through older stock.

The best thing about older houses is that they possess history and character. But, they may also come with big utility bills. Think of your hard-earned money spent on foundation cracks, single-pane windows and an ancient furnace. So how exactly do homebuyers reconcile the possible upfront savings they can expect to obtain on an older house with the energy inefficiencies that are inherent in such properties?

There are simple upgrades that can be implemented by home buyers. Other energy-efficient upgrades are likely to take a bit more work. The following are some of these upgrades to help homebuyers save cash on their monthly utility bills. An excellent Scottsdale real estate agent can be a good source of idea when it comes to other upgrades.

Sealing Air Ducts

Air ducts work by moving air from the furnace to the living room. Older ducts are expected to bleed heat. Such can be caused by holes that are cut in the ductwork by former owners of the house loosing joints between ducts.

To make ductwork more energy efficient, there are some steps to follow. Loose duct joints require the use of adhesives. For just a few dollars every roll, high-quality metal tapes are available to seal ducts right up. Homeowners can make use of mastic, which is a gooey substance which goes over the joints after being screwed together. This is perfect for long-term duct sealing. An excellent Scottsdale real estate agent will surely agree on the importance of sealing ducts for energy efficiency in the house.

Furnace Upgrade

When the ducts are sealed and have been made efficient, homebuyers can think about upgrading their furnace to an Energy Star-rated furnace. Such furnaces will reduce their heating bills by up to 35%. High-tech furnaces help the country become more energy efficient.

Sealing Doors and Windows

Trapping heat inside the house or cool air in the summer can be done by ensuring doors and windows are well-sealed. Weather-stripping and caulk can be of great help for homeowners to save on their energy bills. Adding caulks to the window trim’s corners allow homeowners to seal up the main weak points where heat tends to escape the house.

In order to determine the point that needs weather-stripping or caulk, a professional can be hired to hook up a pressured home fan and suck the air out of the house. This can cost homeowners around $150 of professional fee. Homeowners can refer to their Scottsdale real estate agent for recommendations. As cracks are caulked, the home becomes more airtight. It is just important to note that homeowners who do not want their home to be very airtight that they prevent the property from exchanging oxygen with what’s outside.

Attic Insulation Inspection and Improvement

Having the perfect amount insulation and having it installed the right way can save homeowners 15% to 25% on their heating bills. If a house is located in a more temperate spot, the use of 6-10 inches of insulation in the attic is a recommendation. Those who stay somewhere that tends to experience cold temperatures and harsh winter weather can use 13 inches of insulation.

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