Four Tips When Choosing The Right Garage Door For Your Scottsdale Real Estate House

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Depending upon the orientation and size of your garage at your Scottsdale real estate home, your garage door can be one of the most visible places in your house. That is why you will wish to take advantage of your door to give extra beauty and appeal to your house. And if your garage door has aged, you will want to replace it a new one. A garage door replacement is one of the most affordable home improvements you can make that can increase the curb appeal of your house. When replacing your garage doors, here are some helpful reminders.

Be Choosy in Terms of the Garage Door Materials

Doors these days are made of materials which look good and withstand the test of time and elements without requiring costly maintenance. When you visit the garage door market, you can find that these doors are made from fiberglass composites, aluminum, wood and steel. It is imperative to pick the right material and construction to make sure that you buy a durable garage door which stays in shape for a long time.

Pick the Right Style

There are numerous options for garage doors available, from flush-panel modern doors to classic carriage-house matching doors. Every kind of garage doors is likely to include windows which are clear or frosted, rectangular or arched and located high enough to allow light or at eye level. To make sure that you buy a garage door that complements your Scottsdale real estate house, do your research. The majority of doors for garages are made by door manufacturers. You can buy them at local dealers or home improvement stores.

Consider the Cost

Prices for garage doors vary. You can spend as little as $400 for a garage door that you can easily install on your own or thousands of dollars for a top-notch premium door which includes whistles and bells, plus installation. If you want to go for premium insulated steel doors, prepare to spend between $750 and $3500. To have an accurate estimate on the door cost, try to ask for bids from various dealers. Ensure that they give you prices which include hauling away the door you wish to replace and hardware.

Know if there is a Return on Investment

A new garage door can definitely add to the beauty, functionality and value of your Scottsdale real estate home. It can reduce maintenance, reduce energy costs, improve security and help your home sell fast. However, can you expect a return on your investment? The answer may depend upon the amount you spend on the door and your location.

According to data from some real estate experts, replacing garage doors increases a home’s value by nearly $3,000 on average. When replacing garage doors in the western part of the country like in Arizona, the return is expected to be more than 100% of your investment. Therefore, this project certainly makes sense because it is worth the money you spend.

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