Facts About Scottsdale: A Must-Know For Scottsdale Real Estate Buyers


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Scottsdale real estate is located in the city bordered by McDowell Mountains on the east and Phoenix to the east. Every year, Scottsdale is rated among the most desirable spots to visit, do business and live in the United States. If you are planning to move and purchase a home in Scottsdale, you might want to know some things before you decide.

Staying in Scottsdale is More Affordable than you Thought

If you really want to stay in Scottsdale but don’t have a million dollar of savings, South Scottsdale can be your best neighborhood. For many years, this Scottsdale region has been famous for being the city’s working class region with housing costs often a third of the cost of homes in North Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Has Everything for Vacationers

Tourism is a huge business for the economy of Scottsdale. Aside from having the country’s highest number of destination and luxury spas, Scottsdale is home to upscale nightclubs and restaurants, luxury shopping, trendy galleries as well as stunning Scottsdale real estate. These have made the city a famous holiday spot for the white-collar crowd.

There is a Lot Outside

Rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking are quite famous throughout the area of Scottsdale. Scottsdale real estate owners spend plenty of time at Camelback Mountain situated on city’s outskirts. However, Thompson Peak Parkway and Pinnacle Peak are just as famous providing trails for everything from horseback riding to running. Also, the sunny weather in the city makes trips planning quite reliable.

Second Home Haven

Scottsdale takes pride of more than 330 days of sunshine per year and the winters average 72 degrees. That is why most of Scottsdale real estate is a second home to those who wish to escape the colder winters.

Home to the Timeless District

Scottsdale’s Old Town is where the meeting of the old west and new west takes place. It houses old-timey restaurants, Western art galleries, bars and stores. The streets are highlighted with old olive trees. The history of these streets includes the Keer Cultural Center, Hoo Hoogam Ki Museum, The Rusty Spur Saloon, The Little Red Schoolhouse and Cavalliere’s Blacksmith Shop.

A Place for Architecture Geeks

Those who love design and architecture will be excited to have a Frank Lloyd piece in their backyard. One of the most famous tourist attractions in the state of Arizona is Taliesin West, the winter school and home for architects from 1937 to 1959.

A Sweet Republic

Scottsdale real estate owners will learn to like the days when they feel so hot and wish to immediately visit the Sweet Republic to cool down. Concoctions such as Salted Butter Caramel and Basil Lime Sorbet ice cream are available in the shop. This famous shop has become everyone’s go-to dessert destination for many years now.

A Stylish Desert Tour Spot

Touring the never changing desert is always an exciting activity for Scottsdale real estate owners. The city provides unique and fun ways to take in the landscape. People can tour on Jeep tours, ride the hot air balloon to take in the aerial view or go horseback riding. Regardless of a person’s reference, the city and the surrounding dessert will always take their breath away.

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