Deciding If You Have To Buy Scottsdale Homes Or Sell First



A lot of those who own Scottsdale homes are confused if they have to buy a new property before they sell their present one. At some point, some property buyers will want or need to relocate, downsize or upside. So who exactly can they decide if they have to buy or sell first?

Consider these Questions

There are some questions that you can answer to help you make a decision.

• What is your risk comfort zone?-When it comes to working out whether to buy or sell first has to do with your risk management and risk profile. A person with a high risk may have to buy first, especially in a rising property market and when he can negotiate a long settlement. Those who are risk adverse may have to sell first since there is lower financial risk as they know what they need to spend.

• Why are you purchasing or selling?- Do you want trade Scottsdale homes so you can be near your older parents sooner or later? When personal situations are pressing, consider looking for a suitable home in a target location and purchase it before you sell your current house.

• Is there a rising or falling tide? – It makes sense if you can have an access to your buying and selling cycles. During a hot market and increased housing market, you can have a bit of confidence to purchase first as you know that Scottsdale homes may sell easily. But when the market is falling with market timing painting a poor picture, it may not be possible for you to sell your home in a short timeframe.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Selling Homes Before Purchasing

Home buyers should not sign a contract to purchase another house until their current home has been sold n matter how marketable they think their present house may be. Doing so can result in the need to get bridging finance or sell other assets. This can only make things complicated and quite expensive. For most people the best approach is to sell first in order to reduce cost and stress. Here are the possible benefits of selling Scottsdale homes before buying.

• When a delayed settlement is negotiated, you can have time to purchase another house and possible move into it before you set your first property.
• Achieving the sale before a specific deadline comes with less pressure.
• This can stop possible home buyers who try to cash in on your ability to purchase a house and necessity to sell.

Below are the potential drawbacks.

• In case you are very choosy, cannot find anything suitable or you miss out some properties, you may need to move out with no places to go. You often have the option to rent short term; however, you may need to consider more expenses and the hassle of moving twice.

• It is possible for prices to increase after you sell and you may have an out of the market price. Or you may not be able to find your dream house for the perfect price.

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