Criteria When Choosing The Right Scottsdale Real Estate House For Your Family

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Increasing Scottsdale real estate prices, changing demographics and some squeeze on space signify the evolution of our ideas on a typical house. Some people may continue to dream of the quarter acre block; however, the truth is that the number of families living in smaller spaces such as apartments and townhouses continues to increase. Really, an excellent family house is where the heart is. The following is a checklist of the things which lay the foundations for the right house.

It’s Always Location First

Although people dream of a freestanding home on a big block, an essential attribute of a Scottsdale real estate family house is it needs to have a good location. Every person perceives a great location differently. Generally, a good location often means things such as proximity to infrastructure, facilities and services. Such factors do not just add value to the daily lifestyle of a family but also determines future capital growth.


Although everybody wishes to own a nice family house, people do not have to achieve this dream at the expense of time with their family. They need to avoid being tempted to get into debt that they do not feel comfortable with. Access to housing and affordability is a major issue that many organisations push. While prices for Scottsdale real estate continues to rise, more families are expected to spend longer staying in more affordable and smaller homes.

Great Schools and Childcare

Families may wish to have easy access to schools and childcare nearby. Staying in a property located in a catchment zone for an excellent public school that has good academic results means good education for children. Also, this can add to the property’s value. Family houses and bigger townhouses or apartments in the catchment areas for great schools usually command a premium upon sale. Also, they tend to have higher rental returns per week.

Great Services

Proximity to services such as libraries, shops, community and healthcare services is imperative. Also, it is important to have easy access to work and jobs.

Walkability is something a lot of families are enticed to. Definitely, it is more eco-friendly to walk to local stores, services and schools than loading everybody into the family car. According to a number of estimates, being in the best catchment zone can possibly add as much as 50 percent to a family house’s value or 10 percent to the rent. A Scottsdale real estate house located close to a good school may not suffer when the school catchment areas will undergo a significant change in the future.

Safe Community Area

The majority of families wish to have the ability to walk the streets with their children without feeling unsafe. Also, families must have some room for their kids to play. It could be a conventional back garden; however, a number of areas are in demand due to the presence of big parks, sports facilities and playgrounds to allow the entire community to enjoy.

Have you decided where to raise your family? It is important to know what makes the best family house for you.

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