Common Reasons Why Home Owners Sell Their Scottsdale Real Estate Home



Even if many Scottsdale real estate professionals suggest that real estate should be a long-term investment, a lot of home owners tend to sell and move every 5-7 years. The following are some of the reasons why home owners move.

House is Too Small

People who are purchasing Scottsdale real estate homes for the first time will state that they their starter home has become too small for their family. In order to avoid this kind of move, it is important to take into account your location in the next five to ten years and purchase based on such plans. Sometimes, life may not be wrapped in an orderly and neat fashion and by purchasing a bigger than needed house, according to your expected need, you can avoid moving too soon.


Your home’s grass has become greener on the other side. As HGTV pumps out the real estate world, more home owners are trying to move up and on concentrating on grander houses.

If your pocket can afford to purchase a larger Scottsdale real estate house, then do it. However, the problem is if you people select to take on additional debt to select their magazine-page-spread dream house and neglect some essential financial pillars like maxing out the retirement savings, an emergency fund and enjoying disposable income.

Fix a Mistake

Although it should not happen, some home owners still purchase a home according to the assumption that they can landscape and renovate based on their own preference. But, as they begin applying for permits, they are likely to discover that they are restricted by laws and zoning. These home buyers can just choose to stuck it up and adhere to restrictions or just sell and move.

In order to stay away from this costly mistake, verify the building department of the city whether or not your modification plan are within the present zoning bylaws. In case you cannot go on with your plans, you can walk away from your Scottsdale real estate home and look for a more suitable one.

Job Transfer

A move makes it essential for a lot of people to pull up roots and relocate. This is true especially for those moving to another province, city or country.

Commuting Distance

A lot of people say that a commute time that is more than thirty minutes is a waste of time. The fact is that community is not about spending time in transit but also about time quality. If you are frustrated and stressed each day during your more than an hour commute, it might be time to prepare for a move.

Personal Relationships

Moving in with your spouse often means amalgamating a couple of households under a single roof. In today’s age and day, when more people are getting married into their thirties, this can mean that either of the settling couple should decide to sell his or her home.

Certainly, the reverse is also true. As a relationship breaks up, the majority of owners may have to divide the home’s equity. Sometimes, this could mean purchasing buying out one ex-spouse or selling the house and splitting the profit.

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