Checking The AC Unit Of A Scottsdale Real Estate House Before Buying It



Finally you have found the right Scottsdale real estate house that you have been dreaming of. However, your homeownership adventure has just started. First, you need to ensure everything, which includes the air conditioning system, is in good working order. While you need to have your house inspected by professionals, there are some things that you can do by yourself to make sure that the air conditioning unit is working properly before closing on your new Scottsdale real estate home.

Begin with the Thermostat

This can be obvious but the thermostat must be the first thing that you will have to check in the AC unit. Turn down the temperature some degrees to make sure that the system will still be running for a minimum of ten minutes before the cycle starts again.

While the system is running, make your way around the Scottsdale real estate home. Check every vent for cool air output. Each vent must have air of about the same pressure and temperature that escape in the room. In case a vent or two have an issue with pressure or temperature, note it. Such could signify a loose duct. While the cool air still blowing, head outdoor so you can observe how the condenser unit works. This must run in a smooth way without making unusual sounds. Also, it must run continuously until the desired temperature is reached. A unit which kicks on and off quite frequently is likely to have various issues and must be checked by a certified professional.

Check the Outdoor Condenser

If the inside of the condenser doesn’t seem to have any problem, give this part a final check. At the back of the AC, toward the ground, you can find a couple of knob-like protrusions that have tubes coming out of these. The insulation must be carefully peeled back from the insulated tube. You should be able to feel it cool to your touch, particularly if the unit has run for over ten minutes. Proceed with checking the other tube, which must be warm. These parts are significant in the condensation process.

Look for the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator can be found inside the furnace. See if the filter is clean. Also, make sure that the condensation line is freely flowing. It should be easy for you to check the filter because you will just have to slide it out and then take a look at it. In case the filter is clogged with dust, the vents have low pressure or insufficient cooling. You need to remove the condensation line from the furnace so you can check the smoothness of its operation. Using a funnel, pour water down the line and observe the speed it comes out the other end. A condensation line that is clogged will empty in a slow manner.

Finally, you have to check the ducts if you can access them. In a basement Scottsdale real estate house, this can be quite easy; however, if you are dealing with a home that has ductwork in the crawlspace or attic, expect to get dirty. The ductwork length must be checked for loose fittings, parts which may be disconnected or hanging and rusted out elbows. Loose ducts make it easy for dirt to enter the system and spew costly conditioned air into rooms which do not need it.

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