Buying Phoenix Real Estate – Evolution and Change

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Considering a move to Phoenix? You’re certainly not alone. Given the considerable number of things to do and enjoy in the city, the vast number of neighborhoods, the excellent schools in town, and the myriad homes on offer, Phoenix is a very popular destination. However, if you’re thinking about making a move to Phoenix (or even if you’re just looking to purchase a new home and already live in town), there are a few things to know before buying Phoenix real estate.

Choose a View

While you might not get much in the way of a view from your home if you buy Phoenix real estate in the downtown area, there are quite a few neighborhoods where the view is being emphasized. These neighborhoods are built with a focus on privacy and visual enjoyment, and the lots back up to expansive desert or wash areas, rather than to neighboring homes. That’s a big plus, but it’s one that’s really only available with newer homes and neighborhoods in town (gentrified neighborhoods generally go the other way).

Small Is the New Big

Another trend in Phoenix real estate is the focus on smaller homes with larger outdoor areas. In the past, larger homes with small lots were the fastest movers, but buying habits seem to have shifted in Phoenix real estate. Today, homes with larger back and front yard areas but with less interior square footage seem to be the most popular. If that’s not for you, consider an older home in a more established neighborhood rather than new construction.

Customization Is Now the Norm

In the past, buying a home meant dealing with what the builder decided to install, unless you had a custom home designed specifically for you. However, today’s builders understand the increasing desire to have custom features, and more builders are willing to add customized elements to a home to suit a specific buyer. Upgraded kitchen cabinets, French doors, built-in wine coolers and stone exteriors are just a few of the customizations on offer in Phoenix real estate.

Green Is Big

The environment is big news, and environmental concerns have certainly had an impact on homes for sale in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. You’ll find homes on offer with more green features than ever before, from energy efficient windows to Energy Star appliances, satellite-controlled lawn irrigations systems and even built-in solar panels. For homebuyers who want to protect both the environment and their wallets, it’s a good time to be looking into Phoenix real estate.

Lower Prices on Prime Real Estate

One of the most interesting shifts in the real estate industry around town is the drop in prices in traditionally expensive areas. For instance, according to AZCentral, the Chandler area was once one of the highest priced in Phoenix. Today, it’s much more affordable, particularly for younger home buyers. This trend is continuing all around the city, with prime real estate coming down in price enough that younger buyers can afford
to live in town, rather than in the suburbs and on the outskirts.

The Key to Buying Phoenix Real Estate

Whether you’re interested in getting into a prime area for less or the new customization options offered by competitive homebuilders, buying Phoenix real estate isn’t something that you should get into on your own, or without the most professional help. Before you look at the first home in town, find a reputable, quality realtor to help guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. Working with an expert is the only way to ensure that you get the home of your dreams.

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