Awesome Tips To Help You Know If Your Scottsdale Real Estate Agent Is Lying



During any real estate hunt, a concern that often pops up is whether your Scottsdale real estate agent lies to you. You may look your agent in the eye and ask him directly if there are other available offers or how long the home has been sitting on the market or if the home’s basement has ever flooded. However, can you tell if he is really telling the truth?

Definitely, it is not easy to find the perfect home for you that your pocket can afford without wondering if you can trust all involved parties. As you plunk down a huge amount of money for a home, the honest stakes can be the highest they will have. The following are some insider tips to help you tell if your Scottsdale real estate agent is lying to you.

Prevent Deceptions Beforehand

According to studies, people tend to be more reluctant to lie to colleagues than strangers probably since they know that their reputation is at stake. Thus, this could also work for your agent. Inform him that his good reputation rests in your hands. For instance, if you have a big friends’ circle, you can suggest in case the basement will flood, everybody in your network will know.

Have a Baseline

If you will be spending plenty of time with your Scottsdale real estate agent, know what he is like while he is relaxed. Observe the way he stands, fidgets, his natural laugh, how fast he speaks and his gestures. This allows you to spot the difference if you ask him some tough questions.

Observe Body Language

There is no need for liars to rehearse their gestures but they have to with their words. On them, the cognitive load is big as they try to look sincere, thus, it will not be easy for them to control their body. This translates into substantial giveaway behaviors such as lowering the voice, freezing their upper body or slowing the breathing. Closely watch what is going to happen if you ask on the just-materialized offer of the rival.

Check Out “Post-Interview Relief”

This odd phrase is usually used in most police interrogations. After an interview with a suspect, professional detectives are able to determine if there is usually a recognizable relief moment which includes a shift in posture and a more obvious relaxed expression. This can be fleeting; however, it is important and this is something that interrogators will look at for. You need to look for this too. Try to do your questioning in a strategic way and look at the broker or Scottsdale real estate agent as you stop asking about the basement- and shift the conversation to the area’s available schools.

Verbal Really Tells

While liars tend to be careful with their words, there are some ways they tend to reveal themselves unknowingly. For instance, their response might come with some inappropriate amount of detail like they try to prove that they are not lying. Or they could make use of a bolstering language. This kind of people wishes to sound earnest and convincing so they will usually add emphatic phrases to what they say in order to reinforce their credibility.

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