Arizona Short Sale Real Estate Agent Helps Longtime Client Avoid Foreclosure Six Times

Contact Realtor Jen Wehner 480-748-6925Arizona Short Sale Realtor, Jennifer Wehner just helped longtime client avoid foreclosure 6 times by completing 6 favorable short sales for him and his family. Jennifer Wehner first started working with Kevin in 2004 when he expressed an interest in acquiring investment properties.  Over the years, Jen helped Kevin successfully fix and flip 12 homes, and also assisted in structuring an advantageous land deal in 2005. Kevin kept many of homes in his rental portfolio, and in 2007 encountered a sharp decline with his consulting business. He worked for years attempting to keep everything afloat, then contacted Jennifer in 2011 to short sale 6 investment homes he was losing money on each month.

“I felt a lot of pressure to succeed on each property, as our goal was to avoid foreclosure on all 6 properties. It was a lot like running a gauntlet!” Jennifer said on the experience. She goes on to talk about a few of the battles she encountered. “We got one approval with Wells Fargo that waived all deficiency (relieving seller of any liability). Then the buyer canceled, and we had to go back through the approval process with another buyer. When we received the updated approval, the investor retained the right to sue the seller!” Jennifer straight away went to a top contact at Wells Fargo, and within 3 days received a new approval letter, this time relieving seller of any liability.

Jennifer has obtained a lot of knowledge through her experience executing short sales since 2008. She has consistently closed the most short sales in her company since 2009. The majority of her business comes from recommendations, from clients like Kevin. She has also assisted her clients that have previously completed short sales to move on to acquire a new home.  “I’ll be honest, short sales are not always easy to negotiate and sometimes I feel like they take years off my life. It also can be heartbreaking seeing my clients in distress. However, helping my clients move on with their life, and giving them a chance to rebuild is so rewarding that it makes it all worth it”.

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