Arizona Real Estate Investors Holding Ground

Two things historically hold true when it comes to investment dollars floating around Arizona. In the best of times, investors jump full force on the real estate bandwagon — most recently financing everything from subdivisions in far-flung cities and towns to urban condos in downtown Phoenix and Tempe. In the worst of times, investors also gravitate toward real estate, seduced by the lure of bargain buys on foreclosed homes and commercial properties as they bank on population growth to help Arizona’s economy rebound.

Stan Barnes, CEO of Copper State Consulting in Phoenix and a former state lawmaker, said those with established money in the Valley still feel more comfortable investing in real estate developments — even after market collapses like the current one — rather than taking chances on startups and entrepreneurs.
“People in California chase new high-tech companies. People in Texas drill for oil. People in Arizona invest in real estate. That’s just the way it is, and likely will be as long as we are the fastest-growing state in the union,” said Barnes, whose firm does political and communications consulting for private-sector clients.

In many areas in Arizona, specifically the Phoenix Metropolitan, there is a lack of traditional sales. Up to 75% of the market may consist of short sales and foreclosures, limiting the options of many buyers. Arizona Investors looking to flip see great opportunity in rehabbing and selling homes to these buyers, eliminating the wait time of short sales, or the challenges bank-owned homes may come with.

Arizona Investors are also seeing the opportunity in holding real estate long term, as both prices have come down and in many areas rental rates are up. We have probably never seen a better time to invest in real estate as we do in 2010, as cash flow and return on investment are the best they have been in over a decade.

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