Arizona Home Owners Who Had a Foreclosure Can Now Purchase Real Estate Again

Foreclosure Victims Buying Again

Gary & Diane had a dreadful year and lost their home and it seemed that they were doomed to be unable to purchase a home for many years, if ever at all.  But they just received great news: after only 3 years of their foreclosure, they just bought a new house.  How?  The loan was through Federal Housing Administration.

This is fantastic news to thousands of home owners who lost their properties during the housing downturn and suffered foreclosure and may be able to purchase real estate again.

Jen Wehner, Top Choice for Real Estate after Foreclosure


Home owners who found themselves in foreclosures are finding themselves acquiring once again.  Periodically  in only three years, usually even less-with FHA-backed loans it has been feasible.

Mortgage moguls Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac frequently desire a seven-year wait following a foreclosure.  However, the FHA will approve loans after three years, if the borrower can show favorable credit and ability to pay the mortgage.

Information on FHA protocol, the agency will insure loans of a home owner who in the past were confronted with foreclosure as long as the home owner can testify resources were beyond the borrower’s ability that led to the foreclosure, such as a serious illness or death. FHA points out that divorce or the failure to sell a house on behalf of a job relocation don’t establish such extenuating situations.

Now is the time to re-materialize in the housing industry.  With the FHA giving insurance for loans, and low down payments as well as more adaptability pertaining to household earning stipulations, there couldn’t be a better time to buy.  With low-interest rates, this is a unique opportunity to investigate again.

Jennifer Wehner, Best Realtor for Homes after Forclosure

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Jennifer Wehner now is a Top Real Estate Agent for people who have experienced foreclosure and can help assist you to undertake purchasing a new home.  Jen Wehner is your best choice for a new start in the Arizona Real Estate Market. 

 I would be happy to answer your questions now and get you started on your quest to buy your new home now. 

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